Chaz Formichella

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John Ratliff

I've been teaching improv since 2007, mostly at ColdTowne. In 2011 I was named Best Improv Teacher in the Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Critics' Poll, and in 2011 and 2015 I was named Best Coach or Teacher at ColdTowne. I trained at ColdTowne, iO, and The Annoyance, and over the years I've take...
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Bryan 'Lubu' Roberts

Hi! I'm Bryan "LuBu" Roberts and I'm available to coach know, whatever thing you have going on in your life. So I'll be honest: I have an attitude about improv that is fairly nihilistic. This just means that I think different people find different things funny and/or entertaining an...
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Quinn Buckner

I've has been performing since 2009 and teaching since 2011. I was a teacher for Merlin Works for a couple years and since mid 2014 have been on the faculty for the Hideout. I've been in main stage shows at Gnap!, The Hideout, Coldtowne, and The Institution, a currently running monthly show with ...
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Emma Holder

I have a BA in Theater and Literature from New College of Florida and I always kind of hated improv because I just thought it was a hard but necessary acting exercise that made me nervous. Then I saw my first real improv show and fell in love. I started taking classes at Coldtowne in 2008 and I h...
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Jericho Thorp

Jericho Thorp has been performing and coaching improv since 2007. He's a graduate of the ColdTowne Conservatory in Austin, Texas. He's performed in cities across the U.S. He is a founding member of Coldtowne house troupe Midnight Society. Jericho has also been acting in film and theater for o...
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Valerie Ward

I've been performing improv for over 15 years and teaching and coaching for over 11 years. With my award-winning troupe Parallelogramophonograph, I've taught workshops in over 30 cities across 3 continents. I am a member of the faculty of the Hideout Theatre and teach all adult levels as well a...
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Dave Buckman

Dave Buckman has directed, taught and performed at some of the world’s leading improvisational comedy institutions. After several years studying and teaching improv in Chicago, Dave served as Artistic Director of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam for 2 years, where he was fortunate to work with and direc...
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Ruby Willmann

Ruby trained at The Hideout Theatre and The Institution Theater in Austin, TX. She currently teaches at the Hideout and has a special love for improvised narratives. Ruby has performed in a number of improvised narratives, including six Hideout mainstage productions, Start Trekkin', Process, L...
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Lance Gilstrap

Lance Gilstrap has been improvising for eight years. He graduated from the Coldtowne Conservatory and has taken workshops and classes with Rich Talarico, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, Miles Stroth, Craig Cackowski, Neil Casey, and many others. Lance is currently a teacher at Coldtowne Theater and ...
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