Bryan 'Lubu' Roberts


Hi! I'm Bryan "LuBu" Roberts and I'm available to coach know, whatever thing you have going on in your life.

So I'll be honest: I have an attitude about improv that is fairly nihilistic. This just means that I think different people find different things funny and/or entertaining and that you're never going to impress everybody. The best thing you can do is the stuff that you and your friends love to do, and perhaps I can help make that thing as engaging as possible. All notions of subjectivity aside, there are some universal ways of being engaging in a live show that I will attempt to surgically implant into your mind. So with me, just do whatever format you want and together we'll find a way to make you more comfortable, confident, and entertaining.

I also teach sketch, which can take many forms, all the way from simple critiques to me directing your sketch show. I've been doing both improv and sketch for over 10 years so I'm both jaded and energetic at the same time! How does that work? I can't explain it so just come find out.

Additionally, if you take me on as a coach you get an optional free rehearsal space, which is my garage. Don't let the name fool you, it's actually a nice rehearsal space. AC and couches and stuff. Rates and times are pretty negotiable so get in touch.

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