Kenny Madison

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Kenny Madison has been performing improv since October 2008 and has been coaching since 2012.

Kenny moved to Austin in August 2014 and, within 3 months, was directing his first show at the Institution Theater, Improv Anonymous. Since then, he has performed at 4 of the 5 theaters in town, has directed 2 shows at The Institution Theater, and wrote slightly erotic fan-fiction that was read on stage by former Texas Senator Wendy Davis.

On top of that, he has taken classes and workshops from Jill Bernard, Joe Bill, Mick Napier, Susan Messing, Bill Arnett, and more. He has helped produce Improv Nerd w/Jimmy Carrane and has also had his improv comedy blog featured on Jimmy's Facebook page.

Coached Troupes:

  • Camp sLaughter

  • Dial I for Improv

  • The Matriarchy

  • Nice Astronaut

  • Frootopia


  • It Came From Your Brain! - Producer/Director

  • Award Winner - Producer/Director

  • Improv Anonymous - Producer/Director


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